Safety Tips for Fabulous Females

by Maryann Pisano on April 3, 2011

A police officer for over twenty- five years talks with emme about playing and staying safe.

What is the best advice for a young woman walking to her car alone?

If you are walking alone, you should always have your keys in your hand and ready.  Always be aware of your surroundings and be looking around.  If possible, wait for a co-worker or friend to walk with, even if you must wait an extra five minutes for them.  Another misconception about keeping safe while walking to your car is being on your phone.  Talking on your cell phone is the worst thing a woman could do.  It is distracting, and sometimes predators will target women who are on a cell phone.  They know you are not paying attention.

What is the safest possible way for women to carry their purses?

You should always carry your purse in the front of you or on your shoulder and have it closed tight.  In restaurants a lot of women get their purse or wallet stole if it is hanging on their chair.  This even happens if they have a friend sitting across the table.  Neither women will notice because they are talking.  Most thieves are very bold.

What if someone enters your house or apartment?  What is the best thing to do?

GET OUT AS QUICK AS YOU CAN!  Do not fight them, just try your best to get out.  If they grab you, hit and run!  If someone you do not know rings your bell, don’t answer the door.  If anything, yell through the window and say your husband or boyfriend is in the shower.  If they know a woman is home alone, they sometimes will try to break in.

How does a woman defend herself?

SCREAM!  Make as much noise as humanly possible.  As stated before, the best way is to hit and run.  If they ask for money, give them what they want such as your purse or money.  Most importantly, if they want to take you somewhere, do not go with them.  Fight as much as you can to get away from them.

What if someone on the street asks you for money?

Do not stop.  The best advice would be to keep walking.  These type of people try to find others who look lost or confused.  If you are walking in the city, always look ahead and look confident in where you are going.  It’s fine to help someone who is homeless, but do not stop and make conversation with them.

What are your opinions about taking the ‘L’?

There are several robberies on the ‘L’.  Women should always zip up their jackets if they are wearing jewelry so it is not seen.  Also, do not sit by the door.  A lot of robbers will grab women’s purses and run out the door with them.  Always ride with other people and be aware of your surroundings.  Also, watch your iPhone!  They are getting stolen like crazy on the train.

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