Hot Hair Trends

by Maryann Pisano on April 27, 2011

Local hair stylist Denise De Luca dished to emme about the hottest hair trends happening right now.

Fringe Bangs

Kim Kardashian

Vanessa Hudgens

Reese Witherspoon

Get Reese’s look:

How to:
– Ask for piecey, disheveled, mid-length bangs.
– Prep hair with a light styling product.
– Blow dry straight.
– Define individual pieces with sculpting pomades or wax. Hanson recommends twisting small section at a time, rolling the hair end between your fingertips to break up the style.
– This style is relatively easy to maintain as it grows out and only requires a trim every 3-6 weeks.

Tip: Those with fine or oily hair should go very light on product as it will weigh the hair down. You can also just wash and dry your bangs to for a quick style refresher.

Wavy Bobs

Jessica Biel

Selena Gomez

Kate Beckinsale


Feather Extensions

Hilary Duff

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Selena Gomez

Tinsel Highlights


Beachy Waves

Kate Hudson

Denise’s New Favorite Trend

 Crackle Nail Polish

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