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by Maryann Pisano on May 12, 2011

War Hound is a hardcore band from the suburbs of Chicago.  The band includes Nico, Ronnie, Jon, Sean and John Bro.  War Hound sat down with emme to chat about their career and future endeavors in the music business.

emme:  When did you get interested in music?

WH:  We all got into music when we were young. It was always a dream of ours to be traveling across the country playing music we created.

emme:  What/ When was your first concert?

WH:  Our first show was at a bar in Chicago in October 2009.

emme:  What was the first cd that you bought?

WH:  Ronnie and Nico first bought Nirvana. Sean’s was Slipknot, Jon’s was Chimara, and Jon Bro’s was Willie Nelson.

emme:  What bands most inspire you?

WH:  We like hardcore bands from the 90’s.  They were formed in New York.   They include Biohazard, Life of Agony and Merauder. They had some success on MTV, which is awesome!

emme:  Do your songs come from real life experiences?

WH:  All of our songs are written from personal experiences or thoughts. We have songs about heartbreak, our views on the government and feelings of neglect.

emme:  What is your favorite song to sing/ perform?

WH:  All of our songs are fun to play. We’re so happy we have the chance to write original songs and then play them in front of people!

emme:  Are you working or have contacts to get signed with a major label?

WH:  We are signed to a label call I – Scream Records.

emme:  Will you be coming out with new material soon?

WH:  We will be coming out with a full length album in [January] 2012.

emme:  What is your dream career and your goals as a musicians?

WH:  We really want to make it big and play huge festivals. It was a lot easier for bands of our style to get big in the 90’s, but maybe we can bring it back!

emme:  Do you ever get stage fright? If you do, what do you do to calm down?

WH:  We don’t usually suffer from stage fright anymore. We’re all pretty used to it since we’ve been performing for so long. However, when we were younger we didn’t know what to do!  We’d usually just make mistakes in front of everyone.

emme:  What is your song writing process like?

WH:  We write songs together at band practice. Usually someone will come up with an idea and show it to everyone, and then we will collaborate and make a song out of the idea.

To learn more about War Hound, visit their official page:

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