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Dream Interpretations by Psychologist Dr. Hughes

by Maryann Pisano on May 20, 2011

I often dream of being stuck in a haunted house.  What does this mean?

– Giovanna

Dear Giovanna:

Often when we dream about being in a house, we are dreaming about being within

OURSELVES.  In your situation, the house is haunted.  What comes to mind when

you think of a haunted house?  Is it exciting?  Romantic?   Unknown?  Scary?

Most likely, there are parts of yourself that you don’t fully comprehend that

scare you at times.  You may try not to think about these things during the day,

but your subconscious still needs to work this through!  Think about the details

of your dream to guide you where you need to focus—I bet something specific

shows up!

I am a party, and I realize that I have three new tattoos.  One of the

tattoos (on my back) appears to be the Virgin Mary dressed in a blue

garb holding up a flag with the black knight piece in the flag.   The

second tattoo (also on my back) I can’t quite see clearly but it

appears to be Jesus depicted in the Sun.  The third tattoo is on my

forearm and it is says “Where is my friend?”  Everyone at the party

seems impressed with my tattoos but I am confused as to when I got

them and am pissed that they are permanent.

Then I awake.

– Vince

Dear Vince:

Great dream!  Your experience of being at a party says that this dream relates

to how you are in relationships with others.  Tattoos are often symbols of

identity; in your case, the 2 on your back are spiritual in nature.  The fact

that they are on your back means that this is a part of your identity that you

do not face very often.  Maybe you are questioning a solid religious

upbringing?  The forearm often represents strength or weakness in terms of

interpersonal power.  In your dream, your tattoo (identity) asks “Where’s My

Friend” which shows a bit of insecurity in relating to others.  An interesting

part is that despite your annoyance with your permanent, unrequested tattoos,

people like you.  Bottom line:  you are probably still fine tuning your identity

and are experimenting with who you are verses who you want to be versus how you

appear to others.  If you are anywhere from your late teens to early 20s, this

is right on target!

I’m a teacher, and one night I dreamt I was taking my students on a field trip. 

For some reason, we were riding on a raft in the middle of a lake or ocean.  I

was rowing.  The water we were flowing on was crystal clear and gorgeous.  It

was a bright blue color.  On our way to the other side of this lake or ocean, we

kept seeing pirates!  (I know, weird!)  I told the pirates that we were not going to 

be playing any games or associating with them because we were on a field trip.

They left us alone and we finally made it to the other side and was greeted by our

vice principal.  Strange, I know!


Dear Teacher Kelly:

This is a wonderful dream that I hope you think about a lot.  The idea that you,

as a teacher,  are taking students on a field trip is certainly nothing unusual.

Rowing in the middle of an ocean symbolizes 2 things:  first, water often

represents “mother” and, in this situation, you are probably being very parental

to the students.  You have the controls (rowing) and, although some might find

this situation anxiety producing (kids!  water!  rowing!), you find it very

peaceful and beautiful.  Even when obstacles come your way (pirates!) you

maintain authority, keep everyone safe, and achieve your goal.  You are met by

someone with even more perceived power than you have, which represents your

competence as well.  l  bet you woke up feeling pretty confident and good about

yourself.  And I bet you’re a favorite teacher and trusted colleague at your


I usually dream of catastrophes.  I had a dream one time that was similar to the

movie 2012.  They are frightening!  Could I be predicting something?


Dear Jennie:

Nope.  You aren’t likely predicting anything.  However, it is certainly possible

that if you have a dream of a catastrophe every night, eventually one will

happen by chance and you might think you predicted it.  You are probably the

kind of person that is a little bit anxious and hypervigilent—always hoping

for the best but expecting the worst.  This could be due to your personality or

maybe you grew up in an unpredictable household.  Regardless, as long as you can

work with this fear and find ways to cope, it’s not such a bad thing.  I bet you

are marvelous in a real-life crisis….you’ve had lots of unconscious practice!

I have a reoccurring dream that my teeth are falling out and that my braces are

stuck to them.


 Dear Aaron

This is an extremely common dream.  Usually it represents anxiety, particularly

the fear that one will not be prepared to fight or be assertive if necessary.

Everyone feels like that sometimes!  The interesting twist that your dream has

involves the braces.  It’s as if there’s a part of you that is trying REALLY

HARD to stay in control, even when nervous.


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Grace Joy May 20, 2011 at 10:10 pm

I have a reoccurring dream that my boyfriend is cheating on me. LOL, what the hell does that mean?!


latinas July 2, 2012 at 9:37 pm

your blog is very nice very nice


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