Interview with Model and ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Gia Allemand

by Maryann Pisano on July 10, 2011

Gia Allemand's 'Bachelor' Photo

emme:  What is the process like for being picked to go on ‘The Bachelor’?

Gia Allemand:  It’s a very tedious process getting picked to be on ‘The Bachelor’.  You have to take drug tests, blood tests, and physch tests.  It can be emotionally draining!

 Are there any rumors about yourself that you would like to clear up? 

I don’t pay [attention] to any rumors!  I try to remain positive!

Were you in the entertainment business before ‘The Bachelor’?  Weren’t you a swimsuit model?

Yeah, I guess you can say I was in the entertainment business before [the show].  Before ‘Bachelor’ I modeled for a bunch of swimsuit catalogs and other magazines.  I also was with the WWE and did a lot of music videos.

Gia with Bachelor Jake Pavelka

What was your main purpose for going on the show? 

 I truly went on the show to find love!  A few months before going on ‘The Bachelor’ my boyfriend broke my heart.  I couldn’t date or meet anyone.  I was in such a rut so my friends submitted me for ‘The Bachelor’.

All of the clothes and shoes on the show are fabulous! Were they samples or your own? What was it like to pack for the show? Did you buy all new items? 

All the clothes I wore on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor Pad’ are my own!

Allemand toasting with other 'Bachelor' contestants

Do you like the way you were portrayed and looked on the show?

I don’t have any complaints of how I was portrayed on the show.  It was all me!  I’m not perfect and I have insecurities.  I’m human just like everyone else!

Has the show opened any doors for you for acting or modeling projects? What are your next endeavors? 

I’m trying to get out of the modeling and entertainment business.  I recently found a job at the Atlantis/Cove Resort in the Bahamas so that should be fun and a good change.  I really want a more stable lifestyle.

Allemand on 'The Bachelor'

 Are there any girls from the show you keep in touch with? 

Yes.  I keep in touch with a lot of the girls.  [Mostly I keep in touch with] Krisily, Payton, Gwen, and Corrie.

How have people responded to you since you’ve done the show? Was your family happy or sad? And do you often get recognized? 

I have been very blessed by God to have had this opportunity and to have such a loving fan base.  I have only encountered positive and loving people.

Allemand and Pavelka


**All photos courtesy of Gia Allemand

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