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New Year: New You!

by Maryann Pisano on December 28, 2011

As the new year approaches, many of us are ready for a change.  Whether they want to lose weight, switch careers or change their lives for the better, a new year is the best time.  Here are some tips and tricks to kick ass in 2012!

Remind yourself of what you want-  Is your goal to switch careers?  Make your Facebook password something like: “NewJob2012” or “NewCareer2012”.   It will remind yourself to stick with your goal.  Another great way to continually remind yourself of your dreams is to post inspirational quotes around your house.  If you want to become an actress in 2012, write “Actress” on a Post-it note and stick it around your bedroom.

Be Nice!-  Positive people tend to have better moods, so do something that will gratify you.  Volunteer or donate to a favorite charity or take your grandma out for lunch.  Being a genuinely nice, positive person will have benefits.

Be thankful-  In the new year, focus on things you do have instead of things you don’t have.  Each morning wake up and thank God for three things.  It will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Make time for your girls-  It seems to be trend with young women that they are hardly making time for their girlfriends.  Sure, they are busy with work and their boyfriends, but no one has school, work or homework on a Saturday night.  Take a night off from your guy or watching the tube and plan a girls night out.  After the night is over, you will feel much more refreshed and happy.

Don’t use Facebook as a therapist-  “I’m so tired!”  “I hate my life!”  “I’m so busy!”  Sorry, but no one cares.  That’s what girlfriends and happy hour are for!

Work out-  Working out can mend stress, anxiety and sadness.  Running, yoga or tai chi are great tools to relieving stress and have some “you” time.  The next time you are overwhelmed with work, take a 30 minute break and head to the gym.

Pay for everything in cash-  By paying for things in cash, you can actually witness your money leaving.  This will make it harder to spend and help you save.

Find a role model-  Do you have a favorite actress?  Singer?  Writer?  If you do, ask yourself ‘what would they do in this situation?’  Would Beyonce prep for a presentation or get wasted with her friends?  Then do the same!

Feel good, be good-  The way you feel is the way you will perform.  Take care of yourself in the new year.  Make health, family, good eating habits and exercise a main priority.

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