True Life: I Work at the Airport

by Maryann Pisano on January 8, 2012

Celebrities, free flights and wealthy entrepreneurs.  Oh, to work at the airport!  However, one employee has had her fair share of craziness.  See what life is really like working at the airport:

There are so many WEIRD people at the airport.  Everyone is in a hurry and is frazzled.  This, of course, gives me some unforgettable stories:    

A certain celebrity came into the airport with his girlfriend.  His girlfriend bought some candy, and didn’t have enough money to pay for it.  She started yelling at her boyfriend that she needed more money.  She was definitely making a scene and had a bad attitude.  The celebrity (her boyfriend) was not happy.  

A stranger approached me asked me if I was wearing Angel perfume.  He said that he recognized my scent because ‘all beautiful women wear Angel’.  He gave me his phone number and kept coming over to where I work to tell me I was pretty.  On his last walk over, he unexpectedly took my picture .  He said he wanted it for his calendar of beautiful women that work at the airport.  Creepy!

A wealthy business man approached me to ask how my day was going.  After a few words of chit-chat, he asked me in all seriousness if I would like to go with him on his business trip.  Not only had I just met him, but he was married!  

A male flyer asked me if he could look at my feet.  Gross!  

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