Post image for Fitness and Business Mogul Liz Gaspari:  “Anyone can be successful at anything they want to do.”

Fitness and Business Mogul Liz Gaspari: “Anyone can be successful at anything they want to do.”

by Maryann Pisano on April 2, 2013

What is the most difficult part about juggling a family and a business?

Making time for both.  I am pretty good at time blocking everything, even my personal life, but things come up unexpectedly.  [What if] I am away and then I get a call that one of my children is sick?  [In that situation,] all I would want to do is get on the next flight home.  I would love to take my kids with me everywhere I go, but during the school year, that is difficult.  The one thing that we do is eat together (when I’m not traveling.)  I think it’s important that we have that time together to go over the day, for them to bring up anything they want to ask, and to have family time.  I used to feel guilty working so much but now I know that I am showing them how to live productive lives and that anything an be successful at anything they want to do.  I hope that one day they look at me as an inspiration.

What advice can you give young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

Working for yourself isn’t as easy and as glamorous as it looks.  You have to fall a few times before you can move forward.  The most important thing you can do is create a business plan or else you will not have a business.  Every November I sit down and write out my next years business plan.  I do change it month to month, but I always have goals to follow and some sort of structure.  The second thing is to always take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, do physical activity everyday and find a healthy outlet for stress (yoga, spinning classes, meditation, running…whatever).  Having a healthy mind and body will help you stay in the game and succeed.  Finally, nothing comes without hard work.  There are days you will want to pack it in but go back to that business plan look at your goals and don’t lose sight of them.

What are some ways women in their 20’s can stay in shape?

This is an easy question.  Women in their 20’s have a better metabolism than say women in their late 30’s and older.  So if they start incorporating healthy eating habits and exercising into their lives it will become part of their daily living,  Join a gym, try different classes and find what exercise routine you love and you will never quit!

What are some healthy foods?

A plant based diet is always the best.  The most colorful plate is always the healthiest.  Cutting out carbs and eating too much protein is only a short term fix.  If you eat everything in moderation (even sweets) you will have a balanced diet.  I think it’s okay to have a cheat day, and if you slip before that day, no worries!  Just start over.  I would definitely stay away from sugar drinks!  They are so toxic.  Drink tons of water and if you only want the bubbles drink Seltzer.  The truth is fruits and vegetables are the healthiest and only organic.  Checking labels is also important.  If there is a bunch of stuff you can’t understand, don’t eat it.  Stay away from GMO’S!

What kind of workouts should young women focus on in the gym?

Cardio, cardio, cardio!  Do cardio at least 4 days a week, and then definitely some endurance exercise with light weights.  Unless you are doing a body building competition, light weights such as 5 or 8 lbs will do.

How do you maintain success in male dominated field?

That’s easy… I don’t take BS!  Seriously, women are just better business owners and entrepreneurs.  Yes, we are emotional, but we have a proven record of employees working harder and staying with us longer because we care,  It is easier for us to stay focused as well because our work is not ego based.  Unfortunately, a lot of successful men thrive on ego driven work.  We leave the ego out and just get down to business!  Women are great multi tasking so we have an advantage!

What are your future endeavors?

Well, I do have some amazing opportunities in the works.  I don’t want to share too much but my focus will be more towards the holistic end, nutritional support, and possibly some weight loss products.  But shhh… keep that between us!

What is your secret to looking and feeling beautiful inside out?

A healthy mind.  When your thoughts are beautiful, so are you!  Looks fade, but internal beauty is forever.  Every time something negative comes my way I do my best to find the positive.  Unhealthy, negative thoughts can make you sick, make you tired, and not so beautiful.  I meditate every day even if it’s for a few minutes.  It really keeps me feeling positive and healthy.

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