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Personality Insight: What’s Your Favorite Summer Cocktail?

by Maryann Pisano on July 29, 2013

Sangria: You’re a complex conversationalist!

Sangria combines the rich notes of red wine and the light fruity flavors of berry flavors of berry or citrus.  It’s a duality that reflects your eclectic tastes and hints at your worldliness.  A great conversationalist, you relish long summer days chiefly because they give you more time to chat with your many friends friends and share the kinds of stories that complement a flavorful glass of sangria.


Pina Colada:  You’re a dreamy optimist!

The creamy coconut and juicy pineapple that make the pina colada irresistible appeal to your sensitive side.  In fact, studies show sweet-natured folks tend to favor sweet flavors and the slushy-soft texture of a frozen pina colada.  A true idealist, you love looking at the horizon (with your beach drink in hand!) and dreaming of the possibilities ahead.


Daiquiri:  You’re a versatile creative!

Part of what makes the daiquiri so alluring?  It’s versatility.  You love that the rum-based cocktail is delicious in all its fruity incarnations.  Creative and artistic, you have many facets to your personality as the daiquiri has variations, which is a good ting because the one thing you can’t abide is boredom!


Margarita:  You’re a sociable charmer!

From the garnish of fresh lime to the sparkling rim of salt practically inviting you to take a sip, everything about the margarita is a charming celebration of summer.  And if you’re drawn to the party-perfect cocktail, you’re likely a charmer himself- a social siren able to mix and mingle and effortlessly as the flavors that combine to form your favorite drink.


Mojito:  You’re a sensation seeker!

Everything about the mojito- from the dancing bubbles in its sparkling water to the tongue-tingling taste of its mint- refreshing and wakes up your senses.  No wonder you exude youthful energy!  Whether you’re trying a new restaurant or taking on a new hobby, you’re constantly seeking out novel experiences- the same kind of zest you find in your favorite summer cocktail.

Taken from:  Woman’s World Magazine

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