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…And They Lived Happily Ever After?

by Maryann Pisano on November 3, 2013

Before the magical Disney version of many fairy tales, these stories were written terribly different.  Why did Sleeping Beauty wake up during her slumber?  What was the evil queens punishment for trying to kill Snow White?  The answers may surprise you!

1.  Cinderella

Don’t feel too sorry for Cindy!  According to the original tale, Cinderella kills her stepmother so her father will marry the housekeeper.  What?  When the housekeepers’ six daughters move into their home, Cinderella is left with a laundry list of chores.

2.  Sleeping Beauty

This tale is pretty frightening!  In the original version, Sleeping Beauty is raped by the prince. She wakes up from her slumber because she begins giving birth.  When the prince returns to the castle, Sleeping Beauty tries to kill her children and her prince.  But in the end, they get married and live happily ever after.  Yikes!

3.  Snow White

In the original story written by the Brothers Grimm, the wicked queen is punished for trying to kill Snow White.  Her punishment?  “She is made to dance wearing a pair of red-hot iron shoes until she falls over dead.”

4.  The Little Mermaid

In the Hans Christian Andersen version, Little Miss Ariel can come to shore if she drinks a potion that makes her feel like she is walking on knives.  The prince ends up marrying a different woman, and Ariel ends up turning into sea foam.


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