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The Most Romantic Moments from “Sex and the City”

by Maryann Pisano on November 10, 2013

The girlfriends, the martinis, the shoes, the friendship.  Every twenty-something loves Sex and the City.  So if you’re feeling romantic, here are Emme’s favorite romantic moments from our favorite show!

Miranda Forgives Steve

After Steve cheats on Miranda the logical lawyer decides that she’s done with him.  But, a sweet sign makes Miranda forgive him.  Aw!


Harry’s Proposal to Charlotte

The true meaning of marriage?  Being with the one you love!


Carrie and Big’s Kiss in the Elevator

Carrie and Big’s bumpy friendship comes to a turn when he visits her at a hotel.


Steve and Miranda Get Back Together

At Brady’s first birthday party, Miranda reveals her true feelings to Steve– allowing them to get back together!


Big’s Proposal

This is just adorable.


When Harry Meets Charlotte

Charlotte didn’t think she wanted someone like Harry, but he was what she was looking for.


Steve and Miranda’s Wedding

In her unconventional Miranda ways, this wedding was sweet and romantic.


The Big Kiss

Who can forget this kiss?  Big rescued Carrie from Paris and they lived happily ever after.

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