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I can’t… I have a boyfriend!

by Maryann Pisano on November 17, 2013

What happens when a guy that you’re not that interested in asks you out?  Do you lie and say you have a boyfriend?  Do you say yes and then never follow through?  Are you honest and say that you’re just not that interested?  Or do you get dressed up, put on a fabulous dress and have a fun night out?  I asked some Emme readers what they do in this situation.

“I would lie and say I had a boyfriend.”

“Be honest.  A guy would respect you more if you are honest!  You can say that you’re not interested at the moment.”

“Politely say no or say you’re in a relationship.  A white lie is good to not hurt someones feelings.”

“I would lie about being a relationship.”

“I’m honest and I say that I’m not interested.”

“If he was a nice guy, I would say that that I had a boyfriend.  If he was a creep, I would say that I wasn’t interested.”

“I would say I had a boyfriend to not hurt their feelings.”

“I would lie to not hurt their feelings.  I have two brothers and I know it feels to be rejected.”

“I would tell them that I had a boyfriend– a white lie never hurt anyone.”

“I would go!  My motto is a girl’s gotta eat!”

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