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A Very Merry 1950’s Christmas: More Cheer, Less Materials

by Maryann Pisano on December 3, 2013

When I was growing up, Christmas was based more on the birth of Christ, and less on material objects.  There wasn’t any huge sales like there is today.  There wasn’t such an emphasis on getting and giving big presents.  Christmas was more of a religious holiday.  NOTHING was open on Christmas day.  For Thanksgiving, stores closed early.  My family always attended Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

 Christmas in the 1950’s was beautiful.  Being a first generation Italian, my family emphasized tradition, tradition, tradition.  We always went to Mass.  My mother began cooking with her sister-in-law three days before Christmas.  We were so excited about the anticipation of the birth of Christ.  One of the biggest Italian traditions on Christmas Eve is the feast of the seven fishes.  When Christmas did arrive, we had a magnificent feast.  My uncle would also look out the window and say, “Look, I saw Santa’s sled!”  Christmas was all about Jesus, family, and good food!

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