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Celebrate the Holidays Around the World

by Maryann Pisano on December 18, 2013

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring.  People in China see it as a way to wish for good luck.  They put good luck sayings in their homes and watch a colorful Lion Dance.  The Lion Dance is supposed to ward away the bad luck.  People also give gifts to others.

Where it began:  China



Hanukkah lasts eight night.  People light a candle each night in a holder called a menorah.  During Hanukkah, people sing songs and eat with family and friends.  They get small gifts and money to share with others.  People also play a game with a top called a dreidel.

Where it began:  Middle East



Kwanzaa lasts seven nights.  Each night, people light candles in a holder called a kinara.  There are seven candles in the kinara, one for each night of Kwanzaa.  During Kwanzaa, people celebrate by eating together and giving gifts.  A mkeka, or mat, with veggies is put in their home.  Special items are placed on this mat.  People tell traditional stories with family and friends.

Where it started:  North America



Ramadan lasts one month.  During Ramadan, many people eat only before the sun comes up, and after it goes down.  People show their thanks for the things they have.  It is a time to think about other people and do nice things for them.

Where it started:  Middle East

Taken From:  World Holidays

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