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Singer Nick Brose is “Learning to Live” with His New CD

by Maryann Pisano on January 8, 2014

Nick Brose may be cramming for a final or running to class, but this college student is so much more.  Brose, 20, is a recording artist and has a new CD coming out entitled “Learning to Live.”  Brose said that this CD doesn’t have a theme, but an outside look on realizing life experiences.  He also said that this is the best and most creative work he’s done thus far.



This song was released on his old CD, but he is re-releasing it due to its tremendous popularity.  “It’s the perspective of a stereotypical pretty girl,” he said.  We never know what goes on in the mind of somebody else.

“Learning to Live”

“Learning to Live” features Alexander Jay, who is a rapper from Oshkosh.  This song is about how living day by day influences the decisions you make.  “It has a very cool, upbeat vibe,” Brose said.

“I Wanna Love You”

Brose wrote this song about someone he met over the summer.  “This song is a reminder that if you meet someone you like, work up the guts to talk to them,” he said.  “When the opportunity comes, you never know until you try.”  Everyone can be shy when talking to the opposite sex, but this song might do just the trick!


“New Eyes”

Brose was inspired by Phillip Phillips when he wrote this song.  This song was also released on his last CD, but he released due its beautiful beat and melody.

“Moving Forward”

When you’re hurt over a relationship, what can you do besides move forward?  “This song is about a person I met over the summer, and pulling myself out of the ashes,” he said.  In relationships, it’s always better to never look back.


Boy sees girl– boy falls in love.  There’s nothing like love at first sight.  The track “Contagious” is about just that.  When you’re in love, you are love sick– but in a good way!


“Stick Figure”

Brose wrote this song about himself, and was a deep song to write.  Sometimes we never feel like we’re good enough for ourselves or other people.  We hold ourselves back to living to our full potential.  This song is about believing in yourself and your many abilities.

“Living on the Edge”

Are you living on the edge?  This song has a fun, dance feel to it.  Why sit around when you could be out having fun?

“Dream or a Nightmare”

This track is one of Brose’s favorites.  It is a stripped down acoustic song.  “It’s a cool sounding song,” Brose said.


“Beauty Part 2”

This is the last original song on the CD.  “It’s a dark sounding song,” Brose said.  “I built off the first song “Beauty.”” The track is about a girl who sets high standards for herself– and the horrible effects of that.


“Living on the Edge” Acoustic Version

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