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Love Stories From My Grandparents

by Maryann Pisano on January 27, 2014



My Grandma Antoinette and my Grandpa Pasquale met on a blind date.  My grandma was going on a date with another guy and my grandpa was the driver for the night because he had a car.  After the date, my Grandpa Pasquale was hooked!  He kept calling and going to my grandma’s house.  My grandma didn’t like him and kept rejecting his dates.  She finally came around and fell in love with him.  She was engaged before she graduated high school.   They got married June 27, 1953.






My Grandma Catherine met my Grandpa Joe at a wedding.  On their first date, my grandpa took my grandma to a carnival.  They were instantly in love!  My grandma became good friends with my grandpa’s sister, Carmella.  They were married on June 30, 1942.

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