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Beauty Bad Habits

by Maryann Pisano on February 18, 2014


The Blowout

According to InStyle Magazine, blow drying your hair every night can lead to allover fuzz and wispy ends.  The extreme heat is brutal on your hair.  Blowing out hair twice a week is much more reasonable than every day.

The Hair Color Fanatic

By continually dying your hair, your strands become weak and dull.  This can lead to your hair splitting and breaking.

The Skin Picker

If you keep using new lasers, products and treatments on your skin, this can make it raw, inflamed, and vulnerable.

The Tan-a-holic

Think spray tans are harmless?  People have reported coughing, dizziness, and fainting due to inhaling spray-tan fumes.  Yuck!  Also, who wants to look orange?

The Gel Mani

The UV rays won’t cause cancer, but can cause your hands to look old and aged.  Gross!

 Source:  InStyle Magazine

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