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“Sex and the City 3?”

by Maryann Pisano on February 25, 2014

It was announced this week that Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King have put the word out there that a Sex and the City 3 is possible.  Huh?  I can understand the 2008 movie, but the 2010 Sex and the City 2 was just over kill.  I am the biggest Sex and the City fan and even I thought the second movie wasn’t very good.  But a third movie installment?  A third movie could either be very good or very bad.

I began thinking about what would happen if there was a Sex and the City 3.  What would it be about?  The ladies are settled in their lives.  But then I began brain storming and came up with a really good story line for my favorite ladies.  So, Michael Patrick King, if you’re out there, I’m here!  Feel free to hire me as a writer for the movie!  :)

Here’s Emme’s idea for the third Sex and the City movie:

The movie begins with all four ladies going about their lives as the second movie ended four years ago.  Miranda is with Steve and Brady in Brooklyn, Carrie is a writer and married to Big, Samantha is Samantha, and Charlotte is still a housewife married to my favorite character ever, Harry.

Big has a business deal in Napa (like he did during the series), which means Carrie and Big have to move there for one year.  Carrie decides to write a book during that time, and takes a break from writing her column in New York.  Miranda, of course, is skeptical, and doesn’t want her to leave.  She knows how bad things got when she was in Paris, and knows that the same mistake could repeat itself.  Carrie, being already irritated by Miranda’s inquiries, plans a going away dinner for her and the girls.  At the dinner, things turn ugly.

Remember when Charlotte gave Carrie her engagement ring to make a down payment on her apartment?  It is never said in the series whether Carrie paid Charlotte back– it is just assumed.  Rewind to 2014, Carrie still has one more payment to give Charlotte.

At Carrie’s going away dinner, Charlotte casually mentions it to Carrie that she never received the last payment.  (She thought she would get it before Carrie left for Napa.)  She says it in a nice, Charlotte-way, of course.  The comment manifests itself until Samantha and Miranda get involved.  Charlotte feels ganged up on, and leaves the restaurant in tears.  Miranda says to Carrie that none of this would’ve happened if she wasn’t planning on moving out to Napa.  Carrie snaps at Miranda for always treating her like a child, and Samantha agrees.  Miranda is furious and gets up and leaves.

Samantha is left alone with Carrie.  Samantha, in her Samantha way, questions Carrie for leaving New York for a year when she knows that leaving always ends badly for her.  Since Carrie is already in a bad mood, she snaps at Samantha, and the girls leave dinner in a rage.

Carrie leaves for Napa with Big, and she tries to apologize to the girls during her year in California.  The girls either miss each others calls, or are still too angry to apologize.

A whole year passes, and Carrie is back in New York.  She misses her friends, and knows the petty fight they had a year ago is not worth losing a friendship over.  All of the girls feel the same after a year of not speaking or seeing one another.

One night, Samantha calls all of the girls to come to her apartment.  It’s awkward, of course, because they haven’t seen one another.  Samantha reveals to them that there’s a chance that her breast cancer has returned.  Slowly, the girls fall back into their friendships and learn from their mistakes.

So, what do you think, Michael Patrick King?  I think it has potential to be a pretty good script!  You read it here, first!

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