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What Does Your Coffee Say About You According to the Dr. Oz Show

by Maryann Pisano on June 10, 2014

Drink Personality Traits The Light Side The Dark Side
Black coffee
  •  Old school
  •  Purist


  • Keep things simple
  •  Patient
  • Efficient
  •  Can be quiet and moody
  • Abrupt and dismissive
  • Sort of set in their ways
  •  Resistant to making changes
Latte drinkers (folks who add milk/cream   and sugar)
  •  Comfort seekers
  •  People pleasers
  • Open book
  • Like to soften the bitterness of life (like they soften the   bitterness of coffee)
  •  Generous with time
  • Will go out of their way to help others
  •  Can get over-extended
  • Don’t always take great care of themselves
Frozen/blended coffee drinks
  •  Try lots of new things
  •  Socially bold
  • Trendsetters
  •  Childlike
  • Spontaneous
  • Imaginative
  •  Fall for quick fixes
  • Don’t always make healthy choices
  • Can be reckless
Decaf/soy milk/Very specifically ordered coffee
  •  Like being in control
  • May be labeled selfish
  • Obsessive
  •  Perfectionist
  •  Very aware of their health and bodies
  •  Monitor their health
  • Tend to make healthy choices
  •  Overfocus on rules, control and order
  • Overly sensitive
  •  Tend to be worriers
Instant coffee
  • Traditional in some ways
  • Laid back
  • Procrastinate
  • Take life as it comes
  • Don’t get too lost in details
  • Too laid back
  • Put things off and may neglect basic health issues
  • Poor planners

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