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What’s the Secret to a Lasting Marriage?

by Maryann Pisano on July 28, 2014

What’s the secret to a happy marriage?  These couples have been married for substantial amounts of time and let us in on their marital secrets.


Kathy and Patrick

Married 31 Years

River Grove, IL

“Persistence and compromise.  It’s all about giving and taking.”


Christine and Pat

Married 41 Years

Pingree Grove, IL

“Take it one day at a time.  Try to find humor.  The guy has to know that the woman is always right.  :) Be honest with each other.  You have to realize that you’re both human and going to make mistakes and have faults.”


Diane and Frank

Married 45 Years

Elmhurst, IL

“You really have to like the person you’re marrying.  You have to have really good communication and a really good sense of humor.  You have to have a strong commitment to family.  When it comes to kids, you have to create a good, happy, loving atmosphere.  When bad things happen, you have to rely on one another.  You are going to grow and change throughout the years and respect each others differences.”


Rose Ann and Vince

Married 43 Years

Media, PA

“The main component is love.  You also need to have commitment and respect.  You have to be very committed to that person.”


Andrea and Michael

Married 12 Years

Havertown, PA

“To me, the number one thing to a marriage is selflessness.  Your whole life is about your needs.  But when you’re married and have kids, it’s always about other people.”


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