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Where Were You on 9/11?

by Maryann Pisano on September 10, 2014


“I was on the way to second period bio.  I was a freshman in high school.” -Bobby

“I was in my 8th grade gym class.  Sad day.”  -Susan

“I was in my dorm room my freshman year of college.  All of my classes were canceled.  I watched everything unfold on TV.  Unreal.”  -Joey

“I was on my way to middle school.”  -Nancy

“I was in history class in middle school.  It was so scary.”  -Megan

“I was in my living room with my family watching TV.  School was canceled.” -Natasha

“I was in my living room vacuuming.”  -Dana

“I was at home.  The TV was on and I thought it was a plane accident at first.  It was so scary to learn the truth.”  -Kathy

“I was at work, and my building was evacuated from a phony threat.”  -Andrea

“I was at home and sat in front of the TV in disbelief.”  -Rose Anne

“I was teaching English with a very terrified group of 17 year olds.  They were watching it all unfold on TV.”  -Jennifer

“I was in my kitchen eating breakfast before class.  I was in fourth grade.  I didn’t realize what really happened until we were told in gym class that we were not allowed to go outside because a plane crashed that morning.  Around noon, we were explained about what happened.  I was too young to know the severity of the issue, but old enough to be scared and sad.”  -Jackie

“I was in second period chemistry.  Mr. Vail had a TV and we watched it as it was happening.”  -Chris

“I was out walking my dog.  My daughter called me and asked if I saw what was happening.  I turned on the TV and stared in shock at the horror unfolding before my eyes.”  -Diane


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