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Columbus Day Queen Chelsea Baker Takes the Crown

by Maryann Pisano on October 5, 2014


Why did you decide to participate in the Columbus Day Queen pageant?

My aunt brought it to my attention about three or four weeks before the pageant.  I figured, “why not?”  It seemed like a very fun experience.

What did you do to prepare for the pageant?

To participate, you had to write an essay.  And I purchased a gown!

What did the pageant entail?

You had to write an essay.  The topic was, “What does being Italian mean to you?”

The day of the pageant, we had to arrive at 9:00 a.m.  We had to perform a group dance number, and then walk in our gowns.  Five semi finalists were selected, and were asked a question.  The first question was if I could change one thing about growing up today, what would it be?  Usually after this section, there are three finalists that are selected.  But for some reason, all five of us were brought back onstage.  We were asked another question.  The other four girls had to wait backstage when I answered my question, and the same happened for the other girls.  Then, they called all of us back onstage to announce the winner.  And, I won!


What prizes did you win?

I received a monetary gift, a crown, and a trophy.  But, the best prize of all is that I’m going to participate in the Columbus Day Parade!

I am also going to participate in Italian- American events happening around Chicago.  On Oct. 11, I will be at a ball to honor influential humanitarians.  I recently participated in an event at Casa Italia to honor Frank Pisani, who won a lifetime achievement award.

What does being Italian mean to you?

Italian- Americans have so much support for each other.  Being Italian- American, there’s such a sense of belonging.

What percentage of Italian ancestry are you? 

I am half Italian.  My mom is half and my dad is half.  My mother’s maiden name was Clementi, and my father’s mother’s maiden name was Latoria.


What part of Italy is your family from?

My family is from Bari and Napoli.

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