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The Love Expert Answers YOUR Holiday Romance Questions

by Maryann Pisano on December 1, 2014


This time of year, is it more romantic to stay in and watch a movie or go see a movie? 

Definitely stay in and watch a movie.  In a movie theater, you have to stay quiet and watch the movie.  At home, you’re able to talk, cuddle, kiss, and be “alone.”

I have a new boyfriend.  What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on a Christmas gift? 

I would say around $100.  It’s not too much and it’s not too little.  I would recommend buying tickets for a sporting event or play.  Guys love a great Bulls game with their favorite girl.

How do I deal with the boom of engagement announcements on Facebook during the holidays? 

Just be grateful for what you DO have.  One day you will have your big announcement, and you will want all of your friends and family to be happy for you.

This isn’t a holiday love question.  But, I have so many annoying family members I have to see over the holidays.  How do I put up with them? 

Always be nice to them.  Seriously.  That is the key.  Stay pleasant and ride out the evening.


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