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Control Your Weight This Holiday

by Maryann Pisano on December 2, 2014


1.  Track Your Food

We know, you’re baking, eating, cooking, eating, and baking some more.  But, really take mental notes what you’re eating and how much.  For example, make a vow to not devour all of the raw dough while baking cookies for your grandma.  Little steps like that will save several calories.

2.  Schedule Your Workout

Make it a point to workout first thing in the morning, before cleaning, Christmas shopping, or visiting family.  If you have a set time and place, adding a workout in your busy holiday schedule will become easier.

3.  Count Your Cals

If you know a piece of pie is going to be 300 calories, eat half of it.  If you’re still hungry, grab some holiday fruits or nuts.

4.  Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol

Yikes!  Nothing contains more empty calories than alcohol.  If you’re going to a Christmas party, limit it to one martini or glass of wine.  Anything more will be a caloric bomb that will not fill you up.

5.  Those Starbucks Coffees, Though! 

Yes, the red cups are adorable.  Yes, they’re fun to Instagram and Snap.  But, they’re calorie bombs.  Opt for something other than a peppermint mocha latte.


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