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I Fell in Love with My Childhood Best Friend!

by Maryann Pisano on March 30, 2015


I grew up down the street from my friend Joey.*  Joey and I were the best of friends.  In the summer, we would walk to the park, go swimming, play basketball, and play video games.  In middle school, we always ate lunch together and attended dances together.  All of my girlfriends asked me if I liked Joey, but it wasn’t like that at all.  We were just really, really great friends.  He was a built in brother that I could always depend on.

In high school, Joey and I kind of went our separate ways.  He got really into sports, and I got really into cheerleading.  By our junior year, he started dating this girl named Robin.*  Robin was tall, blonde and gorgeous.  When I saw him walk into my birthday party with her on his arm, I got my first pang of jealousy.  I had never felt that way before, so why was I feeling this way now?  Nevertheless, Joey dated her for the rest of high school.  I dated guys here and there, but it was nothing serious.

Joey went to U of I and became a big man on campus.  He became president of his frat, got involved with a bunch of clubs and sports, and had Robin as his beautiful arm candy.  I went to Columbia in downtown Chicago for dance.  We were in two completely different worlds, and lost touch.

After we graduated college, I found a job in downtown Chicago, and so did Joey.  I was dating this guy named Chris,* and thought I was in love.  One night, I met up with a bunch of elementary school friends at a bar, and Joey was there.  I brought Chris, and I knew that Joey was jealous.  He had broken up with Robin, and was trying to steal me away from Chris at any chance he could get.  Sadly, I was too blind over my feelings for Chris to get the picture.

Two years later, Chris and I broke up, and Joey’s picture popped up on my news feed on Facebook.  I began clicking through pictures and reading his statues.  My heart was racing.  Days past and I couldn’t get Joey out of my head.  The feeling was strange and was completely killing me.  Unable to handle my feelings any longer, I messaged Joey on Facebook and asked if he wanted to get drinks.

We went to Pops for Champagne for drinks, and it was completely magical.  He admitted that he’s had a crush on me for years, but was always too shy to tell me how he felt.  I told I was feeling the same way.  We’ve been together ever since… and we’re still totally in love.

*Names have been changed

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