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Fight Aging with These Remedies

by Maryann Pisano on May 17, 2015


Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked when they’re ripe, leaving them richer in antioxidants.  After eating them, it leaves skin looking and feeling young.

Run, Run, Run

Everyone knows that exercise is a great way to keep you looking and feeling great.  Working out twice a week for 30 minutes can make skin look younger.


Popping an antihistamine can help with with sinus inflammation.  Taking a 24 Hour Allergy before bed can make your skin look better within two to four weeks.

Gritty Face Scrub

Face scrubs with little crystals can cause microscopic tears in your skin.  This can cause skin to age faster.  Try a gentle face scrub.


In a Japanese study, women who drank two cups or more of fresh coffee had fewer age spots than women who didn’t drink coffee.  So, grab that cup of Joe and start drinking!

Source:  Redbook Magazine

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