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Polish Immigrant, Julie Krol, Talks Moving to America

by Maryann Pisano on July 5, 2015


Why did you decide to come to America?


My best friend was working in Ohio and we decided to come to Chicago.  We didn’t know anyone, and we rented an apartment in Logan Square.  We went to work.  We decided to save money, and take it back to Poland.  But, after a while, we decided to stay longer.  Then we both got married, and started families here.

How did you feel when you first started living in America? 

It was very hard at first.  It’s very hard to start a new life, especially for me, being by myself.  I was so far away from home.  It’s very hard to start liking anything at the beginning.  It was like I had one foot in America, and the other foot in Poland.  It’s very hard to be the first generation.  You either go to Poland, or, be here and be grateful.

What do you like about living in Chicago?

It’s beautiful!  There’s lots of parks, concerts, the theater, and different places.  There’s so many possibilities to spend free time.  We love Botanic Gardens.  There’s a lot of old buildings by Elmwood Park and River Forest.

What do you like about living in America?

Even if people are going through something, they are very smiley or cheerful.  It’s very easy to be happy.  I don’t have to worry about food.

What country in Europe do you like to visit besides Poland?

In September, I’m going to Copenhagen.  During my studies, I lived in London.  I loved it.  I love Ireland.  I went to Italy.  Italy is beautiful.  There’s a lot of countries in Europe.  In September, I’m also going to Prague and Austria because it’s not too far from where I’m from.  In Europe, everything is so close!  I’d like to go to Spain.

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