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I Fell in Love with a Guy 30 Years My Senior

by Maryann Pisano on August 27, 2015

I met my boyfriend George* when I was out with my friends one night.  We were playing pool, and he was playing with a group of guys at the table next to ours.  Somehow, our games came together, and we all started hanging out.  George was tall, dark, handsome, and… 55.  I’m 25.  The night ended with him asking me for my number.  I gave it to him not thinking he would ever call me.  But, he called me, and we ended up meeting for dinner.  And then another dinner.  And then one night for drinks.  I was falling for him, and falling for him fast.  The first time we kissed, I knew I couldn’t control my feelings anymore.

He’s old!  I thought to myself.  But, he was EVERYTHING I was looking for in a guy.  He was mature, very sexy, had old fashioned manners, always paid, picked me up for dates, worried about my feelings, and had a stable house and career.  He lived an incredible life.  He went out with his friends, traveled, and had so many goals.  George was divorced, and had a 10-year old who lived with his ex-wife.  He always made time for his daughter, which I found adorable.  I knew what I had was amazing, but it was still hard to wrap my brain around loving someone so much older than me.  I was so worried about what everybody would think, and especially my family.

After our relationship went public, my parents were worried that he was using me for sex.  His family thought I was using him for his money.  People gave us weird glares and stares when going out to eat.  Almost everybody  also assumed that I had “daddy” issues.

After a while, I stopped defending myself.  I have a wonderful father, and I don’t have “daddy” issues.  I’m not using him for his money, and he’s not using me for young eye candy.  We stopped caring what everybody thought and realized that if we were happy, that was all that mattered.  We’re madly in love, and that’s all that I care about.  :)

*Name has been changed

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