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“I crawled inside the limo, and Leonardo DiCaprio was there waiting for me.”

by Maryann Pisano on November 25, 2015


*Leonardo DiCaprio Fan Fic*

Maddie and I spent three hours at Nordstrom in Oak Brook trying to find the perfect outfit.  I tried on dress after dress, and finally limited it down to five dresses.  After that, we had to find accessories.  I ended up buying everything, and was $400 in the hole on my credit card.  Maddie came over afterwards, and helped me figure out exactly what dress I should wear.

I had finally decided on a black dress with a large plunge in the back.  I wore my Christian Louboutin black pumps, sparkly, silver accessories, and a tiny black sequined clutch.  Maddie helped me fix my hair and makeup.

“You look so stunning,” she said, taking a final look at me.

I looked in the mirror.  When Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio saw me, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a lame, green, barista dress.  I was dressed to kill.

“I am so nervous,” I said.  I was pacing back and forth around my kitchen.

“Have this.”  Maddie poured me a glass of champagne.  “Where is he taking you?”

“Tolitano’s, downtown.”

“Fancy, shmancy,” Maddie nodded her head in approval.  “Well, I am going to get going.  Call me tonight when you get home.  I have to hear everything.”


I let Maddie out and continued to drink the champagne.  After one cup, I began to feel a little light-headed.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  Why would Leonardo DiCaprio be asking me out for dinner?  What did he want to do with me, anyway?  Maybe he was doing this for a photo-op in order to appear more down to Earth.  Maybe he wanted to seem like he doesn’t only “bang” models.  Why the HELL would he be interested in ME?!

My phone began to buzz as an unknown number popped up.


“Hey, Laurie.  It’s Leo.  I’m downstairs.”

“Okay, see you then.”

What the hell!  It was too late to cancel.  With all of my might, I pushed myself out of my apartment into the November air.  A white limo was pulled up against my curb.  The limo driver had the door open.

I crawled inside the limo, and Leonardo DiCaprio was waiting there for me.  His blonde hair was slicked back.  He wore a perfectly pressed suit, similar to the one he wore when filming the movie.  His blue eyes were looking at my face, my lips, and my body.  In his hand he held a single red rose.

“You look beautiful, Laurie.”

Suddenly, my head was spinning.  This moment felt like I was about to jump off a building:  completely exhilarating and terrifying, all at the same time.
“Thank you, Leonardo.  You look very, very handsome, as well.”

“Please, call me Leo.”

This was just too much.  This was a moment in a fiction novel, a movie, a total fairy tale that wasn’t REAL.  I tried to cherish the moment before tomorrow, when it would all be gone.



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