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Blame it on the Alcohol #NYE

by Maryann Pisano on December 28, 2015


It’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re probably going to have a few cocktails.  Even though it’s that one time of year where it’s kind of socially acceptable get a little tipsy, it’s never okay to be unsafe about drinking.  Besides controlling your alcohol intake, here are some advice to keep your cool this New Year’s Eve.

Stick to One Type of Drink

Did you ever hear the phrase: beer before liquor, never been sicker?  It may seem like a funny saying, but there can be some truth to it.  Mixing your drinks with diet sodas could cause you to be more intoxicated.  Some red wines can cause head aches, and sweet drinks like pina coladas and margaritas are hard to taste the amount of alcohol.  Stick to one type of drink.

Eat and Drink Water

Drinking on an empty stomach is the one of the best ways to become intoxicated.  Make sure to eat a nice dinner before partying, and drink water throughout the night.


Please be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming.  For women, it’s unhealthy to drink more than three drinks on any given occasion.  Women have less capacity to metabolize alcohol in the stomach.

Your Grandmother was Wrong

Although there are a million myths telling you that exercising, drinking coffee, taking a shower, or eating greasy food will help you with your hangover, none of these are true.  There isn’t a magical ingredient to help you overcome your sickness.  The best advice is to just limit your alcohol and be responsible.

Source:  Latina Magazine

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