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Liz and Dick’s Epic Love Story #ValentinesDay

by Maryann Pisano on January 24, 2016


Elizabeth Taylor is known for falling in love and having many marriages.  However, her love affair with Richard Burton was like a true Hollywood movie.  Married and divorced twice, they had one of the most famous relationships of the 20th century.

Taylor and Burton met on the 1963 set of Cleopatra.  The moment they met, they were obsessed with each other.  They continued to kiss even after the director had called ‘cut’ during their kissing scenes.

Their affair was a huge sensation, considering they were both married to other people.  Taylor was already on her fourth marriage to Eddie Fisher.  Taylor has said that her and Burton had incredible chemistry, and they couldn’t get enough of each other.

After they met, their life was nothing short of a fairy tale.  After starring together several times, they lived a lavish lifestyle of yachts, private jets, parties, and of course, jewels.

But, as perfect as their was, it wasn’t perfect.  They constantly fought and yelled insults to one another.  Their marriage ended 10 years later in March 1964.

Although they both found new loves, they couldn’t forget one another.  In the summer of 1975 they got together to discuss their financial affairs.  Their old feelings returned, and their meeting turned into another love affair.  They remarried in October.  However, old habits die hard when they began fighting again.

Burton met his future wife, Suzy Hunt, and him and Taylor divorced again.  He married Hunt, and Taylor married John Warner.

As the years went by, they stayed fond of each other.  They worked together again for the play Private Lives.  Taylor hoped that working together bring them together a third time, but it didn’t happen.

The play turned out to be a huge disaster.  Taylor drank heavily during Private Lives, and didn’t show up during one night’s performance.  The reviews were also terrible.  Burton, furious with Taylor, married his assistant, Sally Hay, and died in 1984.

Taylor has said that if Richard had lived, they would have been married again.

“Maybe we loved each other too much,” Taylor explained as to why their marriages didn’t work.



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