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What’s the Legend of the Fava Bean? #StJosephsDay

by Maryann Pisano on March 15, 2016


When it comes to St. Joseph Day tables, the fava bean are always given to those in attendance.  When dried, roasted, and blessed, they are considered lucky and bring good fortune.  If you carry it around in your purse, legend says you will never be poor.  Some even believe that if they are kept in a pantry, you will always have food.

This myth began in Sicily when the bean was used as fodder for cattle.  To survive, some farmers prepared them for their tables.  The farmers considered themselves lucky to have these beans.

The fava bean is also a symbol for fertility since it grows even in poor soil.  Many Italians used to carry the bean to ensure good crops for the following year.

This St. Joseph’s Day, make sure to grab a fava bean along with a St. Joseph prayer card and blessed bread.


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