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Underwear Mistakes You Could Be Making

by Maryann Pisano on August 30, 2016

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Yes, we all love our pink thongs and panties from Victoria’s Secret. But, are you taking care of your health “down there” when it comes to your underwear? Here are some mistakes that you could be making:

Wearing Your Underwear After a Workout

After you work out, you’re probably sweaty. This is a great place for yeast and bacteria to grow since it’s a warm and moist environment. Yuck. So, after you hit the gym, make sure you change your underwear.

 Fancy Fabrics

Wearing those cute, frilly panties from Vickie’s are always a favorite among women, but sometimes they could be a place where infections can breed. Cotton panties are supposed to healthier for your “down there” area.

Always Wearing a Thong

Unfortunately, wearing a thong can transfer bacteria from your backdoor to your front door. Ewww!  If you’re a thong fan, make sure to take them off at night and to wash them regularly.

Get the Right Size

If you’re under wearing a size of underwear that’s too small, you could be putting yourself at risk for infections and rashes, so make sure to purchase the correct size!

Source:  Cosmopolitan

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