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Help me, Dr. Hughes! I am in love with an actor!

by Maryann Pisano on May 20, 2011

I am in my late teens, and I am obsessed with a certain actor.  I always Google his name to find out information about him and look at his pictures.  I try to think of ways I could meet him one day and maybe even date him.  I get so jealous when I hear about him dating another actress/ singer.  If I was 12 this would be normal, but not for someone my age!  What’s going on with me?!

Isn’t it fun to fantasize about celebrities?  Isn’t even the pain of being

falsely rejected by a celebrity kind of exciting?  Your thoughts here are

entertainment for your mood. Although it is unlikely that you will meet and fall

in love with this celebrity, it is possible (as opposed to fantasizing about a

magical alien boyfriend…) which adds to the excitement.  Some people can lose

themselves in fantasy thinking about money or power.  For you, it sounds like

you enjoy thinking about love relationships.  I wouldn’t be too critical of

yourself at this point.  However, if you start having truly unrealistic thoughts

that affect your behaviors (like if you stay up all night because you have a

feeling that he will call you, or if you cannot become involved in a more

realistic relationship because you are saving yourself for this celebrity, or if

you find yourself wanting to hurt yourself for attention or hurt him in a

jealous rage) then you really should get some help.  Fantasies, in all their

facets, can be life-enhancing unless it goes too far.  Ask a friend to be honest

with you and tell you what they think of your obsession.  They may say that they

think you are funny or that it’s endearing.  If they say it’s making you

unstable, isolated, boring, or bizarre….get some help.


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zin mi March 16, 2017 at 2:28 pm

help! I am in love with a british actor who is 16 years older than me.
I really can’t control myself for loving him.My mom said I am crazy.but I really love him.Please, I don’t know what to do about me !


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