Your Nail Polish: Your Personality!

by Maryann Pisano on July 8, 2011

Hot Pink

Women who wear hot pink nail polish are chic, sexy and bold.

Hot Pop Pink


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Women who wear yellow are super-trendy and have a unique sense of style.

They are a little bohemian and a little rocker.

The It Color




 Women who wear orange love summer.

Coral is very feminine, so this woman may be starting a summer fling.

She’s happy — or she wants to be happy

A Not Orange with a Touch of Shimmer




A woman wearing neon green is vivacious, energetic and talkative.

She’s up for anything. She has a ‘life is short’ attitude. She’s the life of the party and strikes up conversations with strangers.

Fresh by Orly




 Women who choose off-white are classic and confident.

She knows what she likes and you can’t change her mind.

Pearl of Wisdom



Light Pink

Women who opt for light pink are feminine and conservative.

They’re classy and are always dressed right.

Ballet Slipper




 This color eludes elegance, power and romance.

The woman wearing it wants to attract her man.

She wants to show that she is open-minded and very classy.

Red Le Vernis




Women who wear this color are youthful, fun and willing to try new things.



**All Interpretations by Style List**

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