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What His Physical Type Says About His Personality

by Maryann Pisano on March 1, 2012

Men get asked the question all the time:  “Are you a butt guy or a boob guy?”  The next time your man answers, be sure to pay attention!  Recent scientific studies have shown that what he prefers reveals key information about his personality.



He has an alpha male streak.  Your backside is one of the most primal body parts, so when a guy is most turned on by a woman’s behind, he’s subconsciously tapping into those primitive instincts.

Kim Kardashian



He loves a powerful woman.  The muscles here are strong, so when a guy is drawn to them, it’s a sign that he especially values a woman who’s determined and independent.

Jennifer Aniston



He’s expressive.  Since facial expressions are one of the main ways you convey thoughts and emotions, a dude who looks here first is likely the communicative type and is trying to get a quick read on your personality.

Carrie Underwood



He’s sexually adventurous.  New research found that men who were most attracted to boobs were also most open to casual hookups.  But experts say that doesn’t mean he’s a dog- it just shows he doesn’t judge when it comes to sex.

Eva Longoria

Source:  Cosmopolitan 

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