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Luxury is the Look of the Season

by Maryann Pisano on March 12, 2013

The look of the season? Lady Luxe! According to Mario Tricoci’s creative director John Gialluisi, Lady Luxe is defined as “luxuriant, elegant, and sumptuous.” The color is inspired by earth tones, organics and pastel colors. All colors were seen on the runways in New York for spring 2013.

Gialluisi was also inspired by traveling and attending hair shows. “[I got my inspiration from] Working New York fashion week, observing the trends in business and recognizing that luxury brands such as Burberry, Tiffany’s, and Neiman Marcus are doing very well,” Gialluisi said. “Luxury is the mood of what is happening in business. Everyone wants to feel like Lady Luxe.”

These colors and techniques in this collection are a natural progression from the Freedom Collection. “Taking some of the unstructured elements of Freedom and refining them to create a look and feel in color that can only be described as luxurious,” Gialluisi said.

Gialluisi loves making clients feel pampered while enjoying Mario Tricoci’s high quality hair care. Mario Tricoci’s services should also make them feel luxurious and radiate with with comfort.

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