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Dana Marie Marchese of “Bo$$ Ladies” Dishes on the New Chicago Reality Show

by Maryann Pisano on April 7, 2013

How did you get cast for Bo$$ Ladies?

I met Franky Forliano (@franky1020) when Big Ang (@biggangVH1) came [to Chicago].  Since then, Franky has taken me in like her daughter.  She is so nice and generous.  We hit it off from the beginning.  Franky is nothing but giving.  Her family is amazing.  I met Leah DeSimone (@LeahDeSimone) at the same event too.  I’ve always loved Leah since Mob Wives Chicago.

One night, [cast member] Eddie called me while they were shooting.  He told me to come over, and originally, I said “no”.  Everyone, all of the ladies, wanted me to come over.  I went, [and I’m glad I did!]  Everyone was there.  Leah, Michelle Parenti (@Mishluch), Franky and the Tru. Image Group film crew.  They were doing an audio check or something and one of the crew members grabbed me and sat me down in a seat.  So, I’m sitting there talking my head off, being me, and everyone in the room is cracking up!  Leah goes, “This bitch needs to be on TV!”  Lydia King, (one of Bo$$ Ladies’ executive producers) was one of the main people laughing.  She looked around the room and asked everyone what they thought. “Do you want her on the show?” she asked.  And everyone answered, “yes!”  That was it!

What will be the premise of the show?

All I’m going to say is that everything is top secret.  Stay tuned!  There are so many haters out there right now who were once friends with the stars of the show.  The Twitter wars have been crazy, so the producers are keeping a tight lid on the details.  I will say this, Bo$$ Ladies will be nothing like Mob Wives, Jersey Shore, or Jerseylicious.  I’m not knocking down those shows, but you definitely need to know that Bo$$ Ladies will be nothing like any of them.

Has a network already picked up the show?

That’s a question for the producers.  I don’t involve myself with the business side of things.

What production company is filming Bo$$ Ladies? 

Tru. Image Group is the production company.  Lydia King and Seth Neblett are the owners and executive producers of the show.  They are hard workers and so is their crew.  Such amazing people!

When do you think Bo$$ Ladies will air?

As Leah DeSimone would say… stay tuned!  They call me a mini Leah DeSimone!

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Please get back to me when Bo$$ Ladies will air on tv.


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