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Get Glam with Christmas Makeup Trends

by Maryann Pisano on December 1, 2013

It’s Christmastime!  Not only is this a time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ, but it’s also a time to look and feel fabulous!  So, the right makeup is a must!  Makeup artist Nicole Sellers gave us the low down.


According to Sellers, the darker the eye, the better.  During the Winter months, eye shadow colors usually darken.  “Metallic eyes are also in this season,” Sellers said.  “I’m also seeing more defined eyebrows.”  Huge, bold brows are becoming trendy.

Still not sure what to do with your lids?  Sellers insists that adding sparkle and a shimmer to your eyes will always go with any holiday look.


Every girl needs a great color when locking lips under the mistletoe!  :)  “Stained lips with a little pop of color is popular,” Sellers said.  “Clean, fresh, looking lips is in.”  Besides a natural color, Sellers also says that  brighter colors are popular.  “Playing around with brighter, vibrant colors have been popular since the summer,” she said.  And of course, red is always a sexy, fabulous color to wear for the holidays.


A lot of makeup artists are choosing a light cheek color this season as well.  “They’re either doing a light color, or no cheek color at all,” Sellers said.  “A fresh, clean, youthful, matte, look is popular this season.”

Hunger Mania!

Cover Girl has made a Hunger Games line of makeup this season.  Sellers believes this will be extremely popular.  “People can play with their look during the Winter months,” she said,  “It’s the one time of year when you can get away with it!”  Sellers also suggests adding sparkle to complete your holiday look.

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