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Why Do We Kiss On New Year’s Eve? #NYE #GetKissable

by Maryann Pisano on December 26, 2014

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The tradition of kissing at midnight began in the 8th century BC.  The Ancient Romans “would throw a big party every New Year’s Eve called the Festival of Saturnalia where they would kiss and generally debauch one another as much as possible.”  Yikes!

In Old English and German legends, they believed that kissing the first person you came into contact with for the New Year would impact your happiness for the next year.

Sharing a kiss with a lover will provide good luck for the upcoming year.  If you kiss someone you didn’t have feelings for, you wouldn’t have a good year.  And unfortunately for us single people, not having a New Year’s Eve kiss guarantees a bad year.  Hey, isn’t this discrimination against single people?

Today, we kiss at midnight because it’s fun!  So pucker up for 2015!



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