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What’s in My Wristlet?

by Maryann Pisano on January 12, 2015

Runner Jackie Glosniak is always on the go.  She’s either at work, running, at the gym, or meeting up with her boyfriend.  She doesn’t carry around much when she works out, so she carries around a clutch.  Find out what’s in this athlete’s wristlet!

Jackie Glosniak



I received my clutch for Christmas.  It is Coach!  I obviously cannot leave my house without my iPhone.  I always love having the Internet available.  During the winter, Chapstick is a must along with my lipgloss.  My lipgloss gives me that extra glow when I go to meet my boyfriend.  Even though I love health and fitness, I still have a sweet tooth.  Of course I have some M & M’s!  Since I’m always driving around, I always have my keys on my Coach key chain that I got for graduation.  Having some extra cash is always essential.  And, please don’t pay attention to my receipt for the car wash!

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