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Anthony Huspen’s Ultimate Dream Came True When He Met Lady Gaga

by Maryann Pisano on January 17, 2015

Ever heard of Lady Gaga?  Yes, the woman who has turned the world upside down by wearing a meat dress, being an advocate, and gaining billions of fans around the world.  Well, Gaga recently became Vevo Certified.  Emme reader Anthony Huspen presented Gaga with an award for the milestone.  Emme spoke to Huspen about his experience.


Why was Gaga accepting the award in Chicago?

Since her boyfriend films Chicago Fire a lot here in Chicago, she stays with him in the city so she was currently here when they filmed the special.


How did you get involved with meeting her?

I heard about the contest through a friend and decided to just try out for the fun of it.


Did you have to apply?

Yes, we had to make a video talking about why we’re huge Lady Gaga fans and they really enjoyed my video.


Where did you meet her?

It was at a remote studio somewhere outside the city.


How long were you with her?

I was at the studio for about 2 hours but was actually with her for around 15 minutes.


What is she like?

She was incredibly sweet. She’s really tiny in person but she has this really calm energy about her. You can tell she’s a genuine person.


What did you talk about?

We asked her questions about her tour that was just about to start. The tour is now over but at that time, we were hearing exclusive information.


Will you see her/ talk to her again?

Not that I know of, unless another contest comes up and I win.


Why do you like Lady Gaga?

I’ve been a huge fan since she first came out. Her music was catchy, I was obsessed with seeing what she was going to wear/do next, and I loved her message. Since then, she’s done so much for her fans and the gay community and I really look up to her as a role model.


What’s your favorite Gaga song?

My favorite Gaga song changes month to month but most of the time, it’s Bloody Mary.

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