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Young Person Spotlight: Bobby Lima

by Maryann Pisano on April 5, 2015

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I have lived in Schiller Park since I was 3.  Before then, I lived in Elmwood Park.  I graduated from St. Beatrice in 2001, and I graduated from East Leyden in 2005.  I graduated from Marquette in 2009.

Tell me about your time at Marquette.

I graduated summa cum laude.  I studied economics and political science.  I was in their honors program, so I have an honors degree.  I still stay in touch with all of my friends there.

What was your life like after you graduated college?

For about a year and a half, I had some struggles.  I was in Teach for America.  I was on the South side of the city.  It was an interesting experience.  I had a unique experience with my kids.  Then I found what I’m doing now.

What are you doing now?

I work for Iron Bridge Capital Management in Oak Brook. I work in the client service department.  I handle all of their reports.  Some of them are extensive, and some are basic.

How did you become interested in politics?

I’ve always been interested.  I remember watching the debates by Gore and Bush and being intrigued by it.  Even the Clinton and Dole election.  I remember the Bush and Gore election– I stayed up as late as I could to see who was going to win.  I always thought it was intriguing to come up with policies.  I love the theory of government.

Why does becoming a trustee in Schiller Park mean a lot to you?

What made me want to do this is that I studied all of these things that underpin how local government is supposed to work.  The other thing that made me run is Schiller Park.  I care deeply about Schiller Park.  I want it to be a successful, prosperous little town.  I don’t want us to be stagnant, stale or go backwards.  When I was able to apply my skills to do this, what better place to start than Schiller Park?  I think I can be a great asset to the village.  No one my age is doing this in Schiller Park.

What are your plans for the future?

I would really, really want to become a trustee now.  I want to positively impact Schiller Park for the better.  If it goes well, maybe some bigger things can follow.

Bobby’s Top Five

Starbucks Order:  Grande, Triple Mocha, Non-Fat, No Whip, Two Pumps

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Frozen Custard

Favorite Band:  Brand New, Kanye West

Favorite TV Show:  Game of Thrones

Favorite Movie:  Sin City


Chicago Favorites

Favorite Pizza:  Gino’s East

Favorite Restaurant:  Hot Doug’s

Favorite Pasta:  My Mom’s!

Favorite Dessert:  Glazed and Infused

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